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Buzios and Cabo Frio

Busy nightlife, hot spot for bikini shopping and of course, beaches. Cabo Frio has it all ! 

Just south of Buzios is another little beach town, Cabo Frio. Founded in 1615 it is one of the oldest Brazilian cities. The city experienced an economic boon when oil was discovered nearby. With nine beaches, several fun attractions and their world famous shrimp pasta, Cabo Frio attracts over 1 million visitors yearly.

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On of your first stops while strolling through the delightful village should be São Benedito church. It was built in 1761 and represents the suffering of slaves in Brazil. Forte São Mateus finished in 1620 housed soldiers protecting the shores from marauding pirates. Now local crafts are on display and the view from the top of the fort is quite spectacular. Next to Feliciano Sodré Bridge is Our Lady of Angels Convent erected in 1696. The main house is a museum featuring religious art dating as far back and the 16th century. Cabo Frio also offers several guided tours of the city as well as boat rides up and down the coast.


The best place to enjoy some shopping is along the Rua das Biquinis or Bikini Street. There are over 200 shops and boutiques selling a myriad of wares. Local artists display their paintings and sculptures in several of the galleries. There are also stores specializing in native crafts including leather, wood and ceramics. You can head toward the center of town to find more upscale clothing boutiques. For some great beach wear and surfing gear try Surf City on Avenida de Contorno. During the busy season most of the shops open at 9am and stay open well into the evening.


Cabo Frio has nine beaches for the visitor to enjoy. Dunas Beach is known for its large sand dunes. Foguete Beach, running almost 2 kilometers is one of the most popular places to engage in water sports including surfing, fishing and sailing. Peró Beach is approximately 7 km long and is great for jogging or windsurfing. The smaller Conchas Beach is a popular place to snorkel and there are many scuba diving tours that leave from here. Fort Beach, which sits at the base of Forte São Mateus is primarily a gay beach. But its soft white sand draws visitors from all walks of life. Other beaches around the area include, São Bento beach, Siqueira beach, Sudoeste beach and Palmeiras beach.


Cabo Frio has plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that stay open into the wee hours of the morning. For adults traveling with children visit Fort beach at night. Bring a picnic dinner and wait for the trolley full of superheroes and Disney characters to stop by. There are also rides for the children and Samba competitions that are fun for all ages. For adults the area around Fort Beach is riddled with bars and restaurants and the natural party atmosphere spills on to the streets. Boulevard Canal is another area that is quite popular in the evening. A relaxing dinner then a night of dancing is a great way to spend the evening on this street.

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