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Buzios and Rio Das Ostras

Rio das Ostras is a city unaffected by its development and it offers tranquility to visitors surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Rio Das Ostras is approximately one hour north of Buzios. Not as developed as Buzios, it is nevertheless quite lovely and picturesque. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy during the day and bars, restaurants and nightclubs to frequent in the evening. This coastal village is slowly growing thanks to the oil companies that have recently flooded the area.

Rio das Ostras in Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Rios das Ostras was first settled in 1538 and became an agricultural town whose main focus was sugarcane. The local Goitacazes Indians eventually ran off these first settlers. Consistent attempts by the Portuguese to populate this area lead to on going battles with the local Indians. Eventually, in the 18th century, a Roman Catholic Italian priest was able to mediate peace by teaching Catholicism to the natives. From that point forward the Portuguese and Goitacazes Indians were able to live in harmony with each other. As a result the town was able to flourish as a fishing port.


The primary attraction of Rio das Ostras is its beaches. If fishing is your hobby then head to Brava Beach. Swimmers can look to Turtles Beach for calm seas and warm waters. Woodbeach is most popular with locals and visitors. The Downtown beach runs for 2 km and visitors can rent paddleboats and take ocean tours. Cemetery Beach has very warm water and a popular fish market. For surfing the best beach to visit is Costazul beach. Remanso beach is for snorkelers and local undersea fishermen. Joana beach is perfect for families as there are no waves and shallow waters. Because Rio das Ostras can be quite windy it is a very popular spot for sailing, kitesurfing and parasailing.


As Rio das Ostras grows so will its nightlife. Right now there are several wonderful gourmet restaurants that sit on the beach and are quite romantic. Featured cuisine as you can probably guess is seafood. Sushi is also offered and meat from Argentina makes for some delicious “carne” dishes. There are several bars to visit at night too. One of the favorite attractions is Samoa Dance Island. This nightclub has the most up to date light and sound system. It also has private rooms and a full liquor bar. The dance floor is jam-packed most nights and the professional wait staff sees to each patron’s comfort. The dress code is cocktail party formal and minors under 18 are not allowed.
Rio das Ostras is a little jewel on the Brazilian coastline. Unaffected by big city difficulties such as crime and poverty, this village is a breath of fresh air to all city dwellers. The pristine beaches and congenial atmosphere makes it a favorite place to unwind from urban trials and tribulations.

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