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Art in Armacao dos Buzios

Get in touch with Buzios artistic side.

When one speaks of local artists in Buzios it is more a question of residence than heritage. Many local artists are actually foreign born. Some came to Buzios for vacation and found the area so lovely they decided to stay and take up their craft. Others, hearing of Buzios reputation as an artist’s paradise, decided to make the trek on faith alone. However Buzios’artists came to be, they are an amazing and talented collection of folks who now consider Buzios home.

Statue of Brigitte Bardot in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Painters

Celina Lisboa was once a sculptress but she has now turned to modern painting as her primary craft. Her gallery is located on the Rua das Pedras. Vilmar Madruga developed his painting talent thanks to his designer mother. His incredible works can be seen in his gallery on the Rua das Pedras anytime from 5pm to 12pm. Also located on the Rua das Pedras is the illusionist painter Abigail Schlemm whose use of bright vibrant colors is famous throughout the town. The gallery of João Carlos Moura can be found in Ossos Square. This artist focuses on the beauty and serenity to be found in the nature of the coastal and inland vistas. Finally, also on the Rua das Pedras, is artist Yvonne Boghossian who specializes in oil paintings.

The Sculptures

Perhaps the most famous sculptress on the island is Christina Motta who fashioned the statue of Brigitte Bardot. The Rua das Pedras is home to metal sculptor Simone Niemeyer. On the Rua das Palmeiras, Atelier Mathias sculpts in plastic and wood. On Rua Hibisco Nádia e Alfredo Rainho's gallery can be found filled with ceramic sculptures for your yard or lovely glass statues for your living room. Atelier Flory Menezes sculptures and paintings can also be found in a gallery on the Rua das Pedras.

Other Mediums

Atelier Ivon R. uses quite a few different mediums to display art. There are rugs, oil paintings, ecologically themed flags and banners and paper machet sculptures. The gallery can be found at the end of Armação Beach. On the Baia Formosa Beach Lot is an unusual and very eclectic artist. Marcelo Moraes has devoted himself to making art with plastic. He will even give lessons to anyone who wishes to follow in his footsteps.
The diversity of the artists in Buzios keeps the art scene fresh and exciting throughout the year. The artists are always creating new masterpieces with both traditional and unusual mediums. Wandering through the many art galleries in Buzios is truly food for the soul.

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