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Geography of Buzios

Surrounded by amazing nature, Buzios is geographically blessed. 

Buzios is quite a twisted peninsula full of nooks and crannies, rocks and crags and pristine beaches. It is this unusual topography that gives this city its exotic and lush character.

The Coastline

Buzios beautiful beaches. Praia da ferradurinhaThis lovely coastline consists of 8 kilometers of volcanic rock interspersed with beautiful beaches. The coastline itself has tall cliffs that seem to free fall into the blue green waters of the ocean. The beat of the ocean waves on these lava rock cliffs has produced small caves that are perfect for exploration. In some cases, the ocean has beat down the rocks to produce a myriad of beaches that speckle the coastline. These beaches are as diverse as the flora and fauna that has taken root on land. There are also several rocky islands surrounding the peninsula. These are great places to visit and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving.

The Waters

Because this little fishing village receives ocean currents from the both it’s native Brazil and its far away neighbor Antarctica, there is quite a different effect on the waters that surround the peninsula. To the north and closer to the main body of Brazil, the currents bring warm calm waters. Beaches in this northern section of Buzios are quite popular with families and those who prefer a more serene atmosphere. To the south however, where the frigid winds and harsh weather of Antarctica meet up with Buzios, the waters are colder and wilder. Waves are quite high and water sports are very popular on these southern beaches, especially surfing, wind surfing and sailing.

The Landscape

The rich soil generated form the volcanic rock provides fertile ground for an incredible array of plants and flowers. This vegetation grows amongst the mountains and hills created by now extinct volcanoes. There are quite a few lovely waterfalls to enjoy and several small swimming pools created exclusively by Mother Nature. Biking or hiking are the best ways to view and enjoy the landscape of Buzios and there are several guided tours throughout the reserves and forests of Buzios.
With an incredible coastline, amazing beaches and a tropical mainland, the Buzios peninsula is a veritable paradise. Visitors can enjoy the beaches one day and be trekking through a eucalyptus forest the next.

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