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People of Buzios

Buzios warmth extends to its fun loving people.

The indigenous population of Buzios today is a melting pot of culture and nationalities. The meshing of these great cultures has created a people who are fun loving, tolerant and quite colorful as they go about their daily lives.

Meshing with the locals is quite easy, as they are always very willing to take you into their fold for a casual drink, a formal dinner or a game of football.

People having fun in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Indians

The true natives of Buzios are the Tupinambas Indians who existed in Buzios as early as the 16th century. They made their home here, fishing and hunting for their food. They were also proficient in agriculture growing both corn and manioc or cassava.

It did not take long, unfortunately, for these native peoples to be overrun by both the French and English. As a matter of fact, Buzios was used by pirates as a place to drop off African slaves. Eventually the Portuguese eradicated the French and English influence and radically reduced the native Tupinambas population.

The Portuguese

Once the French and English were removed from Buzios it became a sleepy little fishing village. As more and more Portuguese immigrants came to this area during the 19th and 20th century the little village of only 20 houses started to grow.

Whaling became a huge industry and led to an increased influx of Portuguese people looking to support or take part in the whaling and fishing industry. Thanks to a visit by famed actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, Buzios was introduced to the world and people from around the globe flocked here to vacation and take up residence.

Modern Day Buzios

Today there are over 24,000 people native to Buzios. They represent more than 50 nationalities with the Portuguese still a large portion of the population. As the foreigners moved in to Buzios they brought with them their food, fashion, celebrations and cultural idiosyncrasies.

Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil beach day

This made for a unique community of brethren sharing their heritage with each other and visitors. The energy of the Buzios people is fueled by their diversity. A sense of playfulness and joviality infuses the visitor as soon as he steps onto the Rua das Pedras or strolls across the sandy shoreline.
Buzios is a wonderful mix of people from all corners of the Earth. It is their diversity that makes this fishing village so attractive to the outside world.  


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