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Beaches of Armacao dos Buzios

Buzios has amazing beaches so which ones should you be visiting?

There are so many beaches around Buzios in Brazil. This peninsula has been given such varied and relaxing beach fronts that offer unique relaxing experiences. Buzios beaches are undeniably unique, soothing, luxurious and unlike any other beaches. Maybe you can try to visit all of them. It is not a matter of how many you visited but the intense experience you will gain from the fantastic beaches in Buzios. 

Port Buzios

Here are some Buzios beaches that you should consider visiting and taking advantage of: Azeda beach has crystal clear waters that are extremely calm and clean. Buzios beaches are very popular since many of their beaches are protected by environmental laws so littering or using harmful chemicals are extremely prohibited. You will certainly appreciate the clean waters, the dazzling beauty of the sand and the exclusive appeal they offer.

Ossos, Armacao and Canto beaches are interconnected to each other. You can travel across the beaches in Buzios on feet, by car or by using boats. The long coastline in irregular forms and shapes add to the magnificent appeal of the peninsula. You can find that some Buzios beaches are on the warmer side and some are on the cooler side. This is because some of the beaches in Buzios receive the cold wave of water from Antarctica. Some are far off from those waves that create varied temperatures.

The Buzios beaches also vary in color. Some of them are crystal clear with a little hint of blue. Some are very brilliant blue. Some even have pinkish sand. This is because of the rich aquatic environments that are rich in the beaches in Buzios and make them all very interesting for snorkelers, drivers and those who like photography. Buzios beaches are undeniably the most amazing, unique, diverse and impeccable beaches in the whole world.

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