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Carnival in Buzios

The happy crowds take over the streets of Buzios and dance along to the beats of carnival. 

Carnival is an especially festive time of year in Buzios. This celebration takes place just before Lent usually during February or March. There are quite a few public parties including parades that take on the visage of a circus. The most famous celebration is in Rio de Janeiro but Buzios knows how to throw a Carnival party too!

Visiting Buzios During Carnival

Carnival in BuziosBuzios during the celebration of Carnival requires planning. Keep in mind this is a very popular time of year to travel to this peninsula. The weather is perfect and the beaches are beckoning. Therefore be sure to book your hotel stay well ahead of time. Traveling to Buzios during Carnival on a whim or with no planning could find you sleeping on a park bench for the night. Also be aware, as this is such a popular time of year prices will be more expensive at the hotels, in the bars and shopping for souvenirs.

What to Expect During Carnival in Buzios

If you have never experienced Carnival before then come prepared with an open mind and good sense of humor. Try and set up a guide to introduce you to Carnival. You can usually hire someone through your hotel or a tourist center. You guide will show you around the town and make sure you end up at all the fun and safe events. There will be parades, sporting events on the beach and costume parties at the local clubs and bars. Be sure and pick yourself up an event calendar booklet so you will not miss a thing. Most of the celebration is all in good fun so plan on enjoying yourself. However, be prepared as overindulgence can lead to a very boisterous crowd.

The Gay Scene

Buzios and Brazil in general, are very tolerant and friendly to the homosexual community. Carnival is a very popular celebration in the gay community. If you are not comfortable with homosexuality then this holiday event might not be for you. Gay men will flaunt themselves around town wearing little but a thong and mascara. Many enjoy dressing up in outlandish ladies clothing and showing themselves off with a parade down the Rua das Pedras. The lesbian and bisexual community also celebrates in large numbers donning costumes and having a grand old time in the discos and bars of the city.

Carnival During the Day

Most of the visitors to Carnival spend the day recuperating from a night of gaiety by relaxing and sleeping on one of the many beaches surrounding Buzios. There are a few intrepid souls you will run down to the sands to delight in a game of foot volley believing sweating is a great way to cure a hangover.

For the less robust, there are some quieter pastimes such as lazy boat tours around the peninsula, casual shopping along the Rua das Pedras or an ethnic lunch at one of the many gourmet restaurants. Do not plan on the party getting started again until well into the evening.

Carnival is a delightful time of year. From samba dancing the night away to marching down the streets in a parade, there is a sense of joyous camaraderie amongst the revelers during this celebration. You will forge new friendships and meet some of the funniest and most outlandish people during this event.

It is during Carnival that many people choose to live out their fantasies without recrimination. So come to Carnival in Buzios with a desire for fun and fantasy for that is exactly what you will get.

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