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New Years in Buzios

Welcome the new year partying away in Buzios !

Only a few hours from Rio de Janeiro, many travel to this coastal village of Buzios for some rest and relaxation. However, during the New Years Holiday there is very little rest to be had unless you can manage to catch a few hours shut eye on the beach in the afternoon.

Buzios New Years Eve Celebration

Coming to the Party

If you plan on visiting Buzios during the New Years celebration be sure to book your visit early. Hotels fill up quickly as this is one of the busiest times of years to visit. Many hotels will offer package deals including a private New Years Eve celebration for hotel patrons only. Carefully compare their offerings, as some deals are quite favorable. Keep in mind however, this is the busy time of year and prices will be higher than off-season. You might find cheaper prices at smaller hotels and bed and breakfasts as they do not usually hold a New Years Eve Party so you are on your own to find a good time. In Buzios, that is not really a problem.

Celebrating New Years Eve

The biggest celebration is along the Rua das Pedras with each bar, restaurant and nightclub holding their own celebration. Expect loud music, lots of liquor and a huge crowd of people. Even after fireworks over the ocean at midnight the party is still going strong and will not hit is peak until the wee hours of the morning. You can spend the best time strolling along the streets and ducking into the bars for a quick drink when you are thirsty. Or find the nearest salsa club. Do not worry if you cannot salsa. There will be plenty of locals thrilled to show you a few steps.

Staying Safe

Buzios is a very safe community. The locals watch out for each other and visitors as well. However, it is always a smart idea to stay alert. Stick to the crowded areas of the city but keep wallets and purses well guarded. If at all possible try and book a room near the action, as driving can be a nightmare with traffic and gridlock throughout the area.

Ringing in the New Year at Buzios is always a good idea. You can spend the evening partying and enjoying the fireworks. The next day you can nurse your “good time” with a long snooze on one of the many beaches around the island.

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