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Buzios is a paradise. But not everybody is made equal. Staying in the right beach and picking up the right pousada is essential for a journey you will never forget. Let our experts help you. It's free and it's fun.

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3-Hr Drive to Beach Paradise. Escape to Buzios.

Rio is the best start point for a nice escape to Buzios. We have pre-designed a handful of packages that will probably suit your needs and budget. Packages are offered in different hotel categories. Browse our Buzios Packages, pick one or have it customized.

Buzios-only Packages

Buzios Beach Pack
2 Nights, 3 Days. If you are looking for a beach resort holiday that is low key, Buzios is the perfect place... MORE
Ferradura Private Buzios
5 Nights, 6 Days. If you are visiting Buzios with the intention of staying put, we recommend... MORE

Rio and Buzios Combo Packages

Rio and a Splash of Buzios
6 Nights, 7 Days. Spend the first four days of this tour discovering Rio. You can start by visiting... MORE

Brazil Packages including Buzios

Brazil Sun, Charm and Champagne
7 Nights, 8 Days. Quintessential Brazil is what you will ...MORE

Buzios Beach

Buzios Beaches will Amaze You.

With over 20 beaches to visit, which ones should you be going to? Buzios beaches are the real treat. The shops, restaurants, and the amazing nightlife in Buzios are only there to complement paradise on earth. If you are feeling adventurous, rent a car – it can be a buggy - and take a day to explore all Buzios beaches. You will love it. Don't want to drive around Buzios? Read what our experts have to say about it.

Weather in Buzios
Weather in Buzios

254 days of sun! Buzios is sunny and warm pretty much all year round.

Buzios Geography
Buzios Geography

A peninsula with 8 kms of beautiful beaches, cliffs and green waters.

Buzios History
Buzios History

Curious to know how it all get started in Buzios? From the 1500’s to Bardot’s visit in the 60’. MORE

Further Reading about Buzios

Holiday on a budget.

If you want a superb vacation at a lower price, budget hotels are the right pick for you. They are well placed with good views and locations. There are less commodities than your average priced hotel, but they are still of great.

Schooner Tours
Schooner Tour is one of the things that you can't miss in Buzios. It's a tour that usually takes about 6 hours around a few beaches and may include in the price fresh native fruits, mineral water and caipirinha.
Rio das Ostras
Rio Das Ostras is approximately one hour from uzios. Not as developed, but quite lovely and picturesque city. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy during the day and bars, restaurants and nightclubs to frequent in the evening.
Different Priorities
Life at Buzios is directly related to beaches and to the sun light. But we can't forget how brazilians love to party all night or simply have a drink at the evening, all of this can be found in Buzios.
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