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Buzios Facts

Master the facts about paradise on earth. Learn about Buzios seasons, income per-capita, the internet, and much more.  To learn a few facts about Buzios before you get there will only help you to be in the known.

Buzios Facts

  • Buzios is a tourist haven blessed with over 21 spectacular beaches along its meandering coastline, each with its own natural beauty.

  • An amazing climate draws tourists to the peninsula all through the year. The weather is dry and semi-arid most of the year with average temperatures ranging from 21º C to 28º C.

  • Mid-December to Mid-March is the busiest period, while March to June and September to November are considered off-season and the time to grab a good bargain on holiday accommodations.

  • Most of the resort’s 20,000 inhabitants work in the tourism industry, which is a major contributor to the economy of the region.

  • Buzios has a per capita income on par with the Brazilian average.

  • The local population speaks Portuguese in a different dialect from what is spoken in Portugal.

  • The City Hall in downtown Buzios is Brazilian government’s representation in the region.

  • In order to maintain the architectural beauty and rustic charm of its buildings, construction of buildings is limited to 2-storeys only.

  • Water taxis are the quickest and inexpensive way to beach hop in Buzios.

  • There are 5 gas stations and a number of grocery outlets, supermarkets and drug stores around the peninsula.

  • High speed internet connections are available at internet cafes.

  • Rua das Pedras, a cobblestone street, is the main shopping center with plenty of fashion outlets, Curio shops and restaurants.

  • Downtown Buzios is famous for its restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars.

  • Buzios population mainly consists of young professionals and older retirees.

  • The city has a well organized health services network. Tap water is safe to drink although tourists may prefer to drink bottled water.

  • Larger hotels, restaurants and shops usually have English speaking staff.

  • The Emerências Reserve is the place where some of the untouched Brazil wood forest still stands.

  • Taua EcoCultural Complex on the border between Buzios and Cabo Frio is the place to observe endemic flora in its natural state along with birds, butterflies and reptiles.

  • The Buzios Jazz e Blues festival in July is one of the major events that attract jazz and blues lovers to the region. 

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