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Daily Life in Buzios

The Buzios way to do day- to- day life. 

Without doubt, life in Buzios mainly revolves around the beaches. Once a quiet fishing village, the place is now a sophisticated resort with plenty of boutiques, bars and fine dining options. Travelers from around the world flock to Buzios throughout the year, since twenty three of the most celebrated beaches are within the peninsula. Being close to Rio, a majority of the visitors are North Americans, Europeans, Argentineans and Brazilian holidaymakers. The peak season runs from December through March with over 200,000 visitors joining up with the 22,000 odd residents.

Sunny day in Buzios Brazil

Buzios Diversity

What’s unique about the beaches in Buzios are that each one has a different character. Some visitors prefer to stick to one beach while others prefer hopping to beach via a water taxi, which costs just over a dollar per trip. Open-air restaurants are most popular with visitors with fish being the most sought after delicacy.

There are no big hotels or major chains; however, each property has its own distinct style. Buzios is more about day life where most activities are centered on the glorious beaches, while night life cannot be compared to Rio, with dinner, drinks and the occasional party at bars and nightclubs being the main options. This doesn’t undermine the fact that Brazilian’s love to party. There are plenty of private parties held across the resort.

Shopping at Rua das Pedras

Buzios has much to offer outdoors and is a great place to shop as well. You can spend a delightful evening strolling down Rua das Pedras, a cobblestone street lined with upscale shops and restaurants. You will find an eclectic mix of shops from exclusive boutiques to rustic handicraft outlets and hand-made jewelry.

Gay-friendly Place

Buzios presents a relaxed alternative to life in city life. The resort is open to gay men and lesbians who will find Buzios a comfortable place for a gay vacation. While the local population thrive on tourists and go about their business, all that visitors come here to do is relax and enjoy a true Brazilian holiday.

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