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Shopping Opportunities in Buzios

When shopping in Buzios the only problem you can have is the excess weight in your luggage when going home. 

While beach-lounging, partying and dancing may be terms that define life in Buzios, the resort offers some great opportunities to shop. Specialty stores located on Rua das Pedras offer a unique shopping experience with traditional Brazilian arts and crafts and much more, which you aren’t likely to find easily. Grab the chance to chat with local shop owners and you can have an expert view on places to shop for what you are looking for.

Buzios beach art

Curio Shops

Small curio shops on Rua das Pedras are the places to visit for handicrafts. Cachaça a Bordo, Ambar, Arte Marinha are among the curio shops where you can buy silver and turquoise and other stone trinkets, traditional musical instruments, statues and more. While fountain pens may not be a shopper’s delight, you will find the best handcrafted pens at these stores.

Designer Wear

Rio may be famous for high-fashion outlets, but Buzios has its fare share of fashion stores at reasonable local prices with the season’s hottest designs at almost half the cost than the US or Europe. Tenda, on the Brigitte Bardot seashore, Totem Beach and Richards on Rua das Pedras are some of the stores where you can pick up men’s and women’s fashion wear throughout the year. Women may love shopping at places such as Cantao, Osklen and Farm for the latest designs and styles.

Shop Till You Drop

Who won’t need a bikini or beachwear at Buzios. There are plenty of beachside bikini famous shops where cariocas (native from Rio) and Buzios locals use to buy such as Banco de Areia, Blue Man and Lenny stores. The best thing about shopping in Buzios is that shops open at 9:30 am right through until midnight. In Rua das Pedras most of shops may only open after noon. Those shopping for fashion wear must take note that pants are sold by waist size, which can be altered on request. If you are feeling homesick, which is unlikely or just want to drop a line to your loved ones back home, there are internet cafes that charge by around R$ 6 per hour.

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