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What to do in Buzios

Find out the many things you can do in this beach haven 

Although Buzios may be a quaint little colonial fishing village, there is plenty to do to enjoy this paradise to the fullest. All the beaches on the peninsula have a diversity never seen before. From fine dining, arts and ecology, to water sports and an active night life, Buzios has something to offer the discerning traveler. For many it is nothing but beach bliss in Buzios.

Food and Drink

Plenty of sophisticated restaurants offer international cuisine including French, Italian, Thai and Japanese, among others. The famous Brazilian steakhouses or churrascaria are worth spending an afternoon. There are plenty of fresh seafood restaurants or roadside stalls, which you won’t be able to resist. Pay-per-kilo restaurants like Boom offer grilled meats and vegetables, where a dinner for two could cost around $25 - $35. Most importantly, you need to have a taste of Caipirinha.

Water Sports

Being at the waterfront there are plenty of water sports including surfing at Geriba which is considered the best place for surfers. Kite-surf is a recent sport in Buzios and is well worth trying if you are an avid water sports fan. Undoubtedly, fishing in the peninsula is the most popular activity with plenty of marine life. Diving and snorkeling gives you the chance to see the best of ocean life including giant arraia (ray), chorales and green turtles. João Fernandes and Azeda Beach are among the best places for snorkeling. You can rent masks and snorkels at these beaches.

Snorkeling in Buzios Brazil


Rua das Pedras is the place to shop in Buzios. From designer boutiques to traditional arts and crafts, there is much to look forward to, without the hustle and bustle of big city shopping. You can pick up all sorts of nautical objects like wooden clocks, lamps and sea shells at Cachaça a Bordo, on Rua das Pedras – 21. For a taste of products from India, Africa and Brazilian Indian tribes such as scented candles, musical instruments like flutes and statues, Ambar is a store on Rua das Pedras – 21 to shop at.

Schooner Rides

Take a schooner ride and spend anything between 2 to 5 hours soaking in the natural surroundings while you visit beaches and the occasional stop for diving. These rides cost around R$ 25.00 to R$ 50.00 per person, depending on the hours you choose. To quench your thirst, soft drinks, caipirinhas and fruit juices are served on these rides. Reservations can be made at your local hotel or look out for sales points when shopping along Rua das Pedras.

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