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When to go to Buzios

There's no bad time to come to Buzios, the question is how soon can you get here ?

Anytime is the best time to visit Buzios. If you aren’t into the partying scene then March to June or September to November are the perfect times to spend a quiet vacation. Offseason rates are lower and most importantly, finding a quiet and less crowded beach is easy. The months leading up to the Carnival from December to mid-March are when the crowds come in , where night life at its peak and you will have to face higher hotel tariffs, apart from overcrowding. 

Girl wearing brazilian bikini in Buzios

March is a good time when the sun is still good and the rates much cheaper. If you want to catch up on the international Jazz Festival at Chez Michou on Rua das Pedras then you need to schedule your vacation in July. Enjoy the beach till 4 pm and then you will need to put on something warm if you are on vacation in July. Mid-June to mid-August are winter months, however, there is a great deal of sunshine with temperatures hovering around 85 degrees F. For those on a budget October and November are also good months to spend a vacation in Buzios.

What to Wear

Clothing in Buzios is relatively informal, with beachwear being most popular. The locals are not strict about dress codes even in their daily life and are casually dressed, just like their attitude. Shorts for men and women and bikini tops for the latter are considered normal attire, even more during summer. In order to deal with the humidity and not be the odd one out, you may choose to wear t-shirts, shorts and ordinary flip flops around the town or at the beach. Certain places have outlined the need for a dress code, more so religious sites and churches where short clothing and showing of skin is not permitted.

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