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Climate in Armacao dos Buzios

The climate in Buzios is inviting and sets perfectly with its gorgeous landscape.

The dry and semiarid climate that Buzios experiences throughout the year makes it a popular tourist haven. An annual average temperature of around 26º C (80 ºF) and an average of 254 sunny days in the year, are reasons enough to have tourists flocking to the peninsula to spend their vacation at the 23 odd beaches along its meandering coastline.

Tourists from Europe and the USA ought to be aware that the seasons in Buzios are opposite to their home countries, unquestionably, with a lot more sunshine than they would ever experience.

Cabo frio Rio de Janeiro

Weather vs. Crowds

Rainfall in the area is sporadic; however, a few storms hit the city on rare occasions with wind speeds up to 31 miles per hour. Otherwise, you can expect balmy weather most of the year. Most tourists from the west won’t mind the relative humidity either.

The weather has an obvious influence on the water which generally ranges from a comfortable 18-21 degrees Celsius or 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, making it comfortable for a dip in the ocean any time of the year. Rather than the weather, it is the choice of being amongst the crowds or choosing a peaceful time to vacation, which is an important decision to make.

Peaceful Time To Visit

The best time for a peaceful vacation without the crowds is March through June and September through November. Tourists seem to outnumber locals four times during the peak season from December to the end of February. It won’t hurt to pack a rain coat to protect you from any freak storm that seldom occurs.

Summers are usually hot and moist with the occasional heavy rain with temperatures reaching a maximum of 29º C or 84º F. Winter temperatures drop to 19º C or 66 º F with the lowest being recorded at 12º C or 53 º F. Surfers can get detailed information about tidal range from tourist information booths or local surf shops. 

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