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Internet in Buzios

Staying connected in your holidays in Buzios.

Many travelers need to stay connected with others back home while on vacation. In Buzios, plenty of internet cafes cater to tourists who need to hook up their laptops or require computer time to check their email. Rates are around R$ 10 for an hour. However, rates vary depending on the location. Internet cafes in the center of the shopping district tend to charge more. Although wireless coverage is available throughout the city, there may be frequent interruptions due to the geography of the area. Most hotels and internet cafes rent broadband lines and then offer Wi-Fi coverage to customers.

Internet in Buzios

Email and Browsing

Hotels offer the best Wi-Fi coverage; however, you need to check before making a reservation if you need to remain connected to the internet often. Often, you may need to sit in the lobby for an uninterrupted connection. With the internet being in popular demand, many smaller inns also offer internet facilities, charges for which may be included in your bill. It would be prudent to check with the authorities about the prevailing charges for internet usage. High speed connections are still left to be desired in Buzios, therefore, you ought to be content with browsing and checking your email account. If you want to watch videos or play games then Buzios is not the perfect place to pursue your interests.

Some hostels also offer internet facilities so there is no dearth of places to get connected if you must for a while. While on vacation in Buzios there are plenty of distractions to keep you away from your computer. After all, who would want to waste precious time on a vacation sitting at a keyboard unless you can’t wait to tell everyone back home about the splendid time you are having in Buzios. The beaches, water sports, shopping, dining, partying and relaxing are all you should be thinking about on a vacation. 

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