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About Money in Buzios

The how-to guide of Brazilian money: how to spend it and where to exchange it.

The official currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real represented as BRL or R$. The most favorable exchange rates when changing cash or travelers’ checks are offered by a ‘Casa de Cambio’. Travel agencies make available currency exchange desks. It is practical to turn to major banks but most only exchange currencies at their head offices and not at the branches. Banco do Brasil is a good option for currency exchange. The USD is believed to be a handy currency to change. It is advisable to exchange enough cash in Rio before stepping into Buzios.

Brazilian reais


Hotels offer exchange facilities at low rates. Unfortunately, during weekends or post bank work hours, they are one of the only currency exchange facilities that are accessible. Do not exchange money with unregistered persons as they too hand out less cash. Euros are a popular currency as well. 


In Brazil, although not mandatory, the tip is usually included in the bill, at restaurants. The amount is usually 10%. However it is worth it to check, as some places do not add it to the bill or overcharge the tip. In nightclubs, it is not common to tip bartenders. When you go to a nightclub, you get a card where all your expenses are taken note and at the end when you pay for it, there will be the tip % applied to the amount of your bill.

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