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Our Interactive Maps of Buzios will help you understand Buzios location, find hotels, restaurants water taxis and much more.

A map is essential in planning a great vacations. Browse our Buzios map to find  Buzios attractions and sights, hotels and pousadas, restaurants, bars and clubs.

How to get to Buzios

Buzios paradise is about 105 miles/250 kms far from Rio de Janeiro. The low-key beach resort can be reached by car, bus or even by air. Find Buzios on the map and understand the geography of the so called Regiao dos Lagos.

Recommended Restaurants in Buzios

Restaurants in the Map will help you find recommended restaurants in Buzios. From Coffee hangouts around Rua das Pedras to those elegant restaurants offering a veranda overlooking Praia da Armacao. Bars and nightclubs in Buzios will also be listed here.

Buzios Beaches in the Map

Understand the simple Buzios Beach geography before you decide to browse them. Even though Buzios is only about 5 miles long with over 20 beaches bathing it, its beaches are somewhat isolated. A map is just what you need to master those beautiful half-moon paradises.

Buzios Water taxis in the Map

Water taxis are the funniest way to do a traditional hop-on hop-off visit to Buzios. The Brazilian Riviera is filled with water taxis that shuttle from one beach to the next for approximately a couple of dollars per ride. 

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