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How to get to Buzios

Just two hours from Rio de Janeiro is the Coastal town of Buzios. Get there by bus, car or by air ! 

Barely 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro is the beautiful beach town of Buzios. Bridgette Bardot couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting the low-key resort with as many as twenty beaches that can be viewed from the hills. Getting to this paradise is easy from the city of Rio. You have a choice of air, sea or road.

From Rio to Buzios by Car

Bus to Buzios Rio de Janeiro BrazilYou won’t regret this one hour and fifty minute journey by road as you travel along the Região dos Lagos or the ‘Lakes Region’. Once you pass the Rio-Niterói toll bridge, head to the left towards Rio Bonito. Take a right turn to Via Lagos once you reach Rio Bonito and keep going along the highway in the direction of the Lakes Region.

At the end of the highway, drive straight for about 4 miles, until you reach the Ipiranga gas station. Take a left and then an immediate right turn onto RJ-106 and continue for about 8 miles until you reach a gas station. Take a right turn at the gas station and head straight for Buzios which is a mere ten minutes away. There are plenty of signs along the way, so you are not likely to lose your way.

By Bus

A bus trip to Buzios from Rio takes about 4 hours. Of course, you are at the mercy of the driver who may make many stops along the way. Buses are cheap and ply between Rio and throughout the day. You can catch the AutoViação 1001 bus from the local bus station, Rodoviaria Novo Rio.

By Air

Buzios has a small airport that permits helicopters and smaller corporate jets to land. There are no regular flights but you can rent a service from Jetset Brasil Táxi AéreoLíder Táxi Aéreo and Helistar Táxi Aéreo.

Private Transfers to Buzios

Budget permitting, there are plenty of non-guided and guided private transfers to Buzios. You can expect to have a comfortable and speedy journey.

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