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Orientation in Buzios

Find yourself getting lost in Buzios and have a great time!

Little did French starlet Brigitte Bardot know that she would be the reason for the transformation of Buzios, a fishing village in the 1960s, into a spectacular beach resort. A mere two hours each of Rio, Buzios has the distinction of being nominated among the top 10 most beautiful places in the world.

Over twenty three white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are scattered around the peninsula along with an abundance of Japanese, Italian, Moroccan and local cuisine, to name a few. True to Brazilian culture, bars, nightclubs and dance clubs make up most of Buzios’ nightlife.

The Beaches

Buzios map informationBuzios’ beaches are isolated from one another, lending each one a personality of its own. Manguinhos beach is a popular beach where many learn windsurfing and sailing.

Geriba Beach is another beach ideal for boogie-boarders and surfers that make use of the long stretch of water. The Joao Fernandes and Joao Fernandinho beaches are bursting with life throughout the season with a large number of cafes along the beach side.


Finding a place to stay in Buzios isn’t difficult as there are a variety of lodging options. Most popular are the Pousadas or small inns that offer visitors a homely atmosphere to live in.


Buzio is well-known for its assortment of roadside cafes, restaurants and fine dining options. There is no dearth of international cuisine with many restaurants offering some incredible and original dishes.


The Rua Das Pedras is teeming with visitors on the weekends looking to enjoy their share of Buzios’ vibrant nightlife. Often, you will find a couple of celebrities there too.


The best way to get around Buzios is by water taxi if you choose to move from one beach to another. A ride costs a dollar and is the fastest way to travel around the peninsula.

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