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For a Drink Before Dinner

Going down the streets of Buzios you can find the perfect spot for a drink before dinner. Try the Caipirinha, Brazil's national drink

There is a standard nightly ritual for the visitor to Buzios. After a day at the beach the tourist will usually return to the hotel room for a shower and quick nap. The next step in the nightly ritual is a trip to one of the many bars in Buzios for a drink or two before dinner.

Caipirinha drink in Rio de Janeiro

Where to Get that Before Dinner Drink

Many of the hotels where visitors stay have their own bars. This is a great place to get that first before dinner drink. Usually these bars are less crowded and it is a way to slowly ease into the evening horde. After that first drink the best place to visit is the Rua das Pedras.

Rua Das Pedras Bars

Many of the bars on the Rua das Pedras face the ocean. Most of them have outdoor patios. This is a lovely place to have a drink before dinner as the visitor can enjoy the night ocean view and do some people watching at the same time. Two of the smaller bars are the Pont and Captains bar. Both have tables facing the street. Anexo’s bar is more of a lounge with soft comfortable chairs looking out over the ocean. Patio Havana has a whiskey bar as well as a wine bar and has an excellent restaurant on premises. You can get a before dinner drink and then go right to dinner there.

Bar Anexo

The Anexo or Annex Bar opened in 2002. The relaxed lounge atmosphere with comfortable seating is the perfect place to begin an evening. There is a VIP lounge with white couches and a bar out on deck that has a retractable roof. The dance lounge plays local Brazilian music and all other international music, so you can return to dance after dinner.

Chez Michou

Chez Michou is a combination of a bar, dance club and restaurant. It sits facing the ocean and the open-air deck is a lovely place to enjoy a drink before dinner. It is also fun to watch the crepes being made. This bar always has live music and by the end of the night many people have gathered to Samba the night away.

Bar do Mangue

Bar do Mangue or Mangrove Bar is a very casual open-air bar with several tables out on a patio. This colorful establishment has been run for 15 years by Chef Pachu and also doubles as a restaurant. This is a great place to simply sit, have a pre-dinner drink and then order dinner. The Chef specializes in international cuisine using local steak and seafood.

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