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Geriba Beach Luaus


Geriba beach attracts a very young crowd. It is the largest beach in Buzios and has some of the best wave action. As a result surfers call this beach home. This beach is also popular with the local celebrities. When the sun goes down and the surfers catch that last wave it is time for the party to start.

Geriba beach in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Fishbone Café

Fishbone Café is just a small food shack that has become the hottest spot on Geriba beach. They offer barbecue and some sea food dishes but they are not very fancy. What makes Fish Bone so popular is the clientele. Mostly beautiful people from Geriba beach show up to party the night away.

The Luau

Fishbone Café is the gathering place for the young people at night on Geriba beach. This is a restaurant, bar, disco and sports bar. The television is always playing some sporting event. The wine and beef is flowing freely and it is not surprising to find a whole pig being roasted in the sand. The music plays and dance begins. While it is not an official luau like you might see in Hawaii, it is a party that centers on drinking dancing and eating.

Weekly events include dance parties and luaus that can go on until sunrise. The surfers and other locals enjoy this hang out and keep it rocking all night

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