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Like a Native of Buzios

Enjoy Buzios the native way

One of the adventures of traveling is to move off of the tourist path and enjoy living like the locals do. To do this you must have the inside scoop on where residents shop, where they eat and where they go at night to have some fun.

People by the beach in Buzios

Finding the Local Life

One of the best ways to live like a local resident is to avoid all the tourist areas. Try and stay in a small hotel or bed and breakfast off the beaten path. Or, find a condo, apartment or house for rent in a residential neighborhood. Then get to know your neighbors. Ask them where they like to shop, go out to eat and dance at night. If you feel comfortable request they show you around town.

Local Beach Hangouts

Many of the locals prefer to visit Joao Fernandes Beach. Considered one of the most “European” beaches it is home to many of the wealthier Bu

zios residents. And for the residents who are into water sports the most popular beach is Geriba thanks to its excellent surfing. Finally many residents will try to avoid tourists by going to out of the way beaches. One such beach is the clothing optional beach Olho de Boi.

Other Local Hangouts

Turibe de Farias is a street that runs parallel with Rua das Pedras. While Rua das Pedras is for the tourists, Turibe de Farias is more of an underground scene where the locals go to shop, eat and party. Of course many of the locals do like some of the restaurants and nightclubs on Rua das Pedras. Zapata’s nightclub is a popular local’s hangout for the younger crowd. Patio Havana is a favorite restaurant of many residents thanks to the cigar and whisky bars.

The best way to live like a local on vacation is find a local to hang out with. Hire a local tour guide, ask the concierge at your hotel or stay in a residential neighborhood. All these tips will help you live like a local while on vacation.

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