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Nightclub in Buzios

Buzios's Night

There is plenty to do at night in Buzios. One of the favorite activities of locals and visitors alike is to spend the night dancing Samba. As a result many nightclubs have sprung up in Buzios to allow people of all ages to gather and dance the night away.

When to Dance

Buzios is a city made for night owls. Many locals and visitors will not even start their evening until around 10:00pm when they first head out to dinner or a bar for pre-dinner drinks. Do not expect the dance clubs to begin to fill up until well after midnight. Most of the clubs will still be hopping at 3am in the morning.

Clubbing in Buzios

Buzios has several different clubs that focus on a different type of entertainment. Pacha in Buzios is the sister disco to Pacha in Ibiza. Privilege is another dance club that can hold up to 1,200 people and attracts some of the rich and famous. Zapata is more subdued and is for the more mature party goer. Chez Michou and Patio Havana are both restaurants, bars and dance club that feature live music nightly.

Partying in Buzios is a regular pastime. The locals love to go out to the dance clubs as much as the vacationers.


This large nightclub sits on the Orla Bardot. It is the nightclub for the beautiful people of Buzios to dance the night away. The club can fit as many as 1,200 people. Dancing does not stop until sunrise. DJs play mostly modern Brazilian music and Samba. There is an incredible sound and light system to delight the crowd.


A new rival to Privilege, Pacha is ultra modern and ultra chic. While Pacha does have some live music the DJs are primarily responsible for keeping the Samba beat going. The scene is mostly younger professional but there is a fair representation of older revelers too. The club has an indoor dance floor with fog and strobe lights as well as an outdoor area overlooking the ocean.


Zapata is a Mexican disco with that has revamped itself. Today the music is hip-hop, electro, prog and reggaeton. It opened its doors in 1994 and as a restaurant, bar, dance floor and a 600-person capacity. It is one of the top nightclubs in Buzios and oftentimes the line to get in will stretch out the door.

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