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Rua das Pedras of Buzios

Rua das Pedras

Rua das Pedras is the main tourist attraction in Buzios. Quite quaint and very charming with cobblestones and mature shade trees, this street has all the best shopping, dining, drinking and dancing in downtown Buzios.

Buzios Fair in Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Stores for fashion and furniture, shops for handicraft and souvenir and galleries for local artists can all be found on the Rua das Pedras. Tepo is a craft show where local artists make all the wares. Look here for unique and eclectic art works. Tenda is known for its haute couture women and men’s fashions at lower prices than can be found in Rio de Janeiro. Osklen and Sandpiper feature women’s fashions only and Richard’s is a store for men’s clothing. There are also several art galleries located on Rua das Pedras where local artists display their works.


Patio Havana is one of the more popular establishments with 5 different rooms. There is a whiskey bar, wine bar, cigar bar, restaurant and patio. Live music is usually playing and the crowd is quite lively. Pizzaria Capricciosa is one of the best places for pizza and Italian food and next door Satyricon serves up some of the finest fresh fish and shellfish. Chez Michou serves up crepes with hundreds of different fillings. Interspersed between the shops, restaurants and nightclubs are small snack shacks where a visitor can grab a cheap and quick bite to eat.

Night Clubs

Pacha and Club Privilege are two of the top rival dance clubs with state of the art sound systems, light systems and large dance floors. Samba is the specialty at both clubs. Pacha is located on the Rua Pedras.

There is live music at Patio Havana and Chez Michou where jazz, bossa nova and other popular Brazilian music is featured.While Rua das Pedras can be a bit deserted during the day, it really comes alive at night. As a matter of fact, the party does not stop going until almost sunrise.

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