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Botequins in Armacao dos Buzios

Botequins are laid back bars where locals hang out for drinks, meals and great fun. Visitors must check it out !

A botequim is a place to drink in Brazil. It is similar to an English Pub or an American Bar in that the main function of the place is to consume alcohol but there are several differences.

Bar and botequins Buzios Brazil

Features of a Botequim

The major difference is the botequim is plane and simple and sells only cigarettes, alcohol and snacks like candy and pork rinds. They usually have a bar and may or may not have stools. As these establishments are so small they usually spread out their tables on the sidewalk in front of the bar.


The primary form of entertainment in a botequim is drinking and smoking. However, there is usually some other form of fun taking place. Music may be playing or a sporting event may be shown on television. Rarely is there any live music as there is no room for a band or a dance floor.

Bar do David

Bar do David is a bar and restaurant and is best know for its Brazilian fair. One of the favorite dishes is Seafood In Stone, which combines squid, shrimp, fish and octopus. Their pizza is another favorite. Ask the waiter about the drink specials, especially any homemade liquor that might be available.

Bar do Zé

While the name indicates a botequim, Bar do Zé is actually a Brazilian restaurant. Looking out over the Bardot Beachfront the dining area is very romantic with candle light and engraved tables. The cuisine is international and some of the favorite dishes are risotto, brie and shrimp and grouper with mushrooms and pasta.  

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