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Brazilian Food Restaurants in Buzios

Take a gastronomy tour around Buzios and experience what Brazil's food is all about !

Moqueca brazilian sea food dish

Brazilian Food in Buzios Restaurants

While Buzios is know for its ethnic and international cuisine, there are still a number of restaurants that represent the native cooking style. Jerked beef is a native dish that can be found in Buzios. Grilled shrimp and grilled prawns are other common native dishes. Most of the restaurants in Buzios do feature some type of native Brazilian dish even though it may have an international twist to it.

Brazilian Food on the Go

Even the snack shacks and fast food restaurants so common in Buzios have native Brazilian dishes. There is a seafood moqueca with contains rice and shrimp in a seafood broth that is especially popular at some of the fast food restaurants. Churrascarias or Brazilian barbecue can be found at both fast food restaurants and standard dining establishments. Fried potatoes are a popular local snack shack delicacy as are cachorros quetes or hot dogs.
Wherever you choose to dine in Brazil you can usually find a dish centered around the regional specialties. These dishes are usually very tasty and quite filling.

Restaurante do David

With 28 years experience in cooking local Brazilian dishes, Restaurante do David is one of the epicurean icons of Buzios. Regional dishes made with Argentinean meat, chicken and local seafood is the favorites. The native fish stew is always simmering on the back burner and the traditional rice and bean stew is cooked up every Friday.


Buzin is a self-service restaurant that has “comida a quilo”. This means you pay based on the weight of your meal. Buzin has many different foods available but they specialize in regional Brazilian dishes. There is always crème de milho or sweet cream soup available and of course the ever popular rice and beans.

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