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Cheap and Good Restaurants

Good restaurants don't always have to be pricey, Buzios has great options for the budget minded.  

In today’s economy many travelers are on a strict budget. However, visitors still have very discerning tastes, especially when it comes to food. They expect their dining experiences to be one of the highlights of their vacation. The savvy traveler can usually find a way to eat good food very cheap.

Orla Bardot lunch & dinner restaurants


A smart traveler will have their heavier meal at lunch. Restaurants usually serve the same menu at lunch and at dinner. The only difference is the lunch portion is smaller and the price is usually at least 50% cheaper. Order a few dishes off the menu and eat heartily. You might not be hungry when dinner rolls around but if you are, some cheaper appetizers will probably satisfy that hunger.


Eating a good dinner cheap is still possible. There are plenty of eateries in Buzios with a more casual atmosphere that is reflected in their simpler dishes and cheaper prices. In Buzios it is hard to get bad seafood. Therefore, an inexpensive seafood restaurant still has the same fish as the more expensive restaurant. The difference might be in the way it is cooked and served. It still tastes just as good.

Restaurante do David

Considered by many to be the best restaurant in Buzios, it is located in the middle of downtown so as an added bonus the diner can enjoy some people watching. Each dish is enough to feed two people. Some of the specialties include Lobster Thermador, Seafood Spaghetti and Shrimp Stew. There is also Argentinean roast and sirloin with mozzarella. Best of all, the prices cannot be beat.


Buzin is a very affordable and very trendy restaurant. The buffet is pay by the kilo/pound and there is amazing variety. Sushi, chicken, steak and seafood are all available here. The salad bar is huge and the native empanadas are out of this world. Even the caipirinhas are outstanding.   

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