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Churrascaria in Armacao dos Buzios

The best cuts of meat available for a fixed price in an all you can eat facility called Churrascaria.

A churrascaria is simply a Brazilian steakhouse. The meat is cooked barbecue style. In fact, churrasco is a Portuguese word that basically means barbecue. This style of cooking descends from the gauchos who would cook dinner in large fires while they were out on the plains.

Brazilian Churrasco in Buzios Rio de Janeiro

Cooking the Meat

In Buzios, most of the meats are covered with garlic or sea salt. They are slow cooked over hot embers. Marinades can be added to the meats if desired. The meat is set on along skewer to cook. When the cooking is completed the skewer is removed from the embers and the waiter walks around from table to table cutting off large pieces of the meat for diners. Chicken, pork, steak and lamb are all cooked using this method.

The Meal

American barbecue usually comes with potato salad and corn on the cob. Brazilian churrasco has its traditional sides too including a hearts of palm salad, chickpea salad with beans and beetroot and a potato salad with carrots. In Buzios there are several excellent churrascarias to select from.

Estancia Don Juan

The best and most popular churrascaria in Buzios is Estancia Don Juan. The meats here are very tender and include almost any type of cut from picanha to entrecote. A catch of the day fish is served here in honor of Buzios’ close ties with the sea. Do not expect to find fish in another churrascaria as it is not a typical dish.

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