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Feijoada in Armacao dos Buzios

The black bean stew that was once a dish for slaves is now cooked to perfection and served at glamorous restaurants.

Feijoada is a very traditional Portuguese dish that has carried over to Brazil. In Brazil, it is actually considered the national dish of the country. The name comes from feijao, the Portuguese term for beans.

Feijoada Ingredients

Buzios brazilian feijoada Brazilian feijoada begins with black turtle beans, salted pork, bacon, pork trimmings such as ears, feet and tail, and smoked pork ribs. Smoked sausage and loin and tongue jerk beef are also added to the mix. A clay pot over a slow burning fire is used to prepare this stew. The broth is a dark purple brown, the color of the black beans. It is somewhat salty by there are no hot spices.

Tradition of Feijoada

Traditionally this stew is serviced with rice, collard greens, orange and cassava flour. It can take several hours to cook and is usually offered in Buzios restaurants as their lunch special a few times a week. Traditionally the offering is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Some restaurants may serve this stew all week. To wash down the stew tradition dictates a drink of cachaca, caipirinha or beer.

Fishbone Cafe

One of the best places to get feijoada is the Fishbone Café on Geriba beach. Along with the feijoada expect to see roasted pig as well as other barbecue dishes. While the restaurant is open all day, young people flock to the bar and dance club at night. It is the place to see and be seen.

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