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Ice Cream in Armacao dos Buzios

Cool down from the hot weather in Buzios with some ice cream ! Find out where the popular ice cream shops are.

Ice Cream in Buzios and Brazil in general, is very popular. The reason is the different tropical fruits and other ingredients that are used to make the ice cream. It is these unusual flavors that give Brazilian ice cream its popularity.

Buzios Ice cream by the beach Brazil


Some of the tropical fruits that are used to make ice creams and sherbets include, lychee, jabuticaba, mangaba, pitanga, bacuri, tucuma and amora to name just a few. Other foodstuffs that are made into ice cream include coconut, peanuts, corn, cashews and avocado. Some soda shops offer over 100 different flavors of ice cream.

Buzios Ice Cream

While there are several ice cream parlors in Buzios, some order their ice cream already made and others make their ice cream on the premises. Both are equally delicious and equally exotic. The fun in ordering ice cream is trying out all the strange flavors before deciding on just one…or two...or three scoops.

Sorvete Italia

This Brazilian ice cream chain has a shop located in Buzios. The chain itself began in Ipanema. Today this ice cream is sold by vendors directly on the beaches. Their ice cream is known to be very thick and rich. The most popular product they serve is the tangerine popsicle. The store is eco-friendly in that they use reforested wood for popsicle sticks.

Mil Frutas

Another popular ice cream chain in Brazil is Mil Frutas. This ice cream parlor has a location in Buzios. On warm evenings the line will stretch out the door. Some of the favorite flavors include cheese ice cream w/ guava paste and cheesecake ice cream. There are also several natural fruit ice creams to choose from.

Café Mare Mansa

This internet café is a favorite for its sweets as well as its coffee and internet access. The café is most famous for its many different ice creams and its banana and chocolate pie. Even if did you not travel with your laptop you might want to stop by here for a deliciously sweet treat.

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