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Italian Restaurants in Buzios

Mangiare !  Expect a great journey through the Italian culinaire in Buzios.

Italian food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in the world. However like Brazil, it too has regional differences. Along the coast of Italy, seafood plays a large part in the local dishes. It is no wonder, that like Italian food, Buzios cuisine is quite delicious as it mirrors its European coastal roots.

Sea food pasta in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Pasta and Pizza

When you think of Italian food you automatically think of pasta and pizza. The Italian scene is Buzios is all this and more. Expect to find spaghetti in a basil and tomato sauce or pizza with pepperoni and onions. Italian food manages to capture the flavors of the garden and the flavors of the ocean in tantalizing combinations that are sure to tickle the tastebuds.

Beyond Pasta and Pizza

In Buzios Italian eateries manage to capture the culinary essence of their homeland and infuse it with the local ingredients to produce some of the most delicious dishes to be found in all of Brazil. For example a local fresh fish might be cooked with basil butter but is set on a bed of coconut rice and native vegetables. A local Argentinean filet will be garnished with indigenous mushrooms and white wine from Brazil.

It is the creativity of the chefs at these Italian restaurants that manages to blend old world and South American culinary styles so well.


Parvatti restaurant in Buzios is a well-balanced blend of old world Italian and Brazilian infused Italian cuisine. Some of the typical dishes to be found here include antipasto with olives, Ossobuco and Tiramisu. For a less traditional meal try chicken and mint soup, shrimp with cream cheese and coconut rice or pineapple ice cream.


Literally meaning mushroom pizza, this Italian restaurant originated in Rio. Their pizza is a favorite in Buzios especially because they make their own sauce and mozzarella cheese. This is one of the favored dining establishments of the local residents as the food is good and prices cheap.


This Italian restaurant menu is set up to bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to Buzios. For example, a bruschetta with the typical tomatoes and cheese is mixed with local mushrooms. And the native shrimp and octopus are combined with peppers and oil. It is the eclectic combination of Italian and Brazilian food that makes this restaurant so popular.


Satyricon is a fine dining Italian restaurant. It is best know for its own homemade pastas and fresh fish based entrees especially the snapper baked in rock salt. The dining room has a lovely seashore motif and looks out over Armacao beach. Satyricon even has its own fishing boats to go out each day and catch fresh seafood.   

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