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Recommended Restaurants in Buzios

The top notch restaurants of Buzios.

Perhaps the best way to choose a dining establishment is based on recommendation. When trying to find a place to dine in Buzios, it is advisable to ask a local the best place to eat.

Don Juan recommended restaurant in Buzios Rio de Janeiro

Asking for Recommendations

When asking a Buzios resident where to it, it is important to let your source know exactly what you are looking for. It will not help any if you are looking for somewhere good and cheap to eat if someone is recommending a very expensive and very exclusive fine dining establishment. Nor will you be happy if you do not like French food but that is where you are being directed. When asking for a dining recommendation be very specific about what you want.

Checking Recommendations Online

Another great way to find a good place to eat is to check online. Many of the travel sites include places to eat. Usually they offer a forum where travelers can offer up their opinions on different restaurants. Take a look at tourist blogs too as these can be very helpful.

Estancia Don Juan

The Estancia Don Juan in Buzios is a steakhouse. The menu focuses on meat dishes from sausage to beef steaks. Fish is also served but do not expect anything vegetarian here except the side dishes. Wine is only served by the bottle. On Tuesdays there is a tango show.


This restaurant can best be described as fine dining for pizza. One of the busiest and most popular eateries, its menu is primarily pizza and calzones. There is also an antipasto buffet that is quite extensive. The homemade bread is light, airy and delicious. The restaurant has lovely views of the ocean.

Restaurante do David

This restaurant is the top choice in Buzios for traditional Brazilian food. The fresh badejo fish in a light shrimp sauce is one of the most popular dishes. This restaurant is one of the few to also have a very wide variety of native juices from pineapple to papaya.

Chez Michou

Highly recommended and popular as a meeting place for the younger and hipper people of Buzios, this restaurant and dance club serves up delicious filled crepes. There are big screen televisions to enjoy local sports events as well as a dance floor where live music plays in the evening. Dinner and dancing all in one establishment has made this restaurant very popular.

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