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Restaurants in Armacao dos Buzios

Food for every taste and budget to whet your appetite in Buzios.

Most visitors think Buzios is all about the beach. True, you are unlikely to find better beaches anywhere in the world, but there is much more to this fine fishing village. For one, there is fish, not so much in the ocean but on your dinner plate. Buzios, because of its beauty, laid back life style and proximity to the ocean has attracted some first class chefs to the area.

Buzios restaurants

Ethnic Flavor

What makes the dining scene so delectable in Buzios is its international flair. While one does expect to find seafood in most of the restaurants, it is the ethnic twist to the dishes that makes Buzios a culinary star. Grouper is made with a French flair by serving the filet on top of spinach with tomato marmalade. Prawns are cooked with curry, mushrooms and pineapple in typical Thai fashion. Or for an overall International taste there is Argentinean steak with goat cheese and Dijon mustard.

Where to Look

Many of the best restaurants are located on the Rua das Pedras or along the Orla Bardot. The ambiance along with the food makes these eateries so enjoyable. Some restaurants here have patios or tables overlooking the ocean. This makes for a very romantic evening meal. Other restaurants enjoy celebrating the Brazilian culture and have local bands play live music while you dine.

The diversity both in the cuisine and style of each restaurant gives Buzios its unique gourmet flare. There is an ethnic taste to suit both local and international visitors.


Sawasdee is a favorite Thai restaurant in the Casa Branca Boutique Hotel. The menu features a combination of Brazilian ingredients put together with a Pan-Asian style. Dinner for two will run around $40.00. The diner has a choice of a table outside overlooking the bay or a seat in the exotically decorated dining room.


Chef Sonia Persiani’s restaurant is dedicated to the actress Brigitte Bardot who made Buzios famous. Her traditional French dishes such as Coquille St. Jacques are paired with some not so traditional dishes such as Baroa, sweet mashed potatoes with native mushrooms. Chef Sonia carefully chooses the appropriate wines to accompany each dish.

Patio Havana

Patio Havana is a jack of all trades and one of the most popular restaurants on the Rua das Pedras. The restaurant has its own cigar shop, lounge, bar and a separate wine bar. Live music is played nightly and for those dining on Thursday be sure to stick around after dinner for a free salsa lesson. This is a great way to work off all of those calories. The food is international and features seven different carpaccios.


This seaside eatery overlooks the fishing pier in Buzios. Being next to the pier, it is no wonder their specialty is seafood. Much of the seafood is done with an Italian flair. Scampi is one of the most popular dishes and fresh homemade pasta is created daily. Satyricon proudly features South American wines including white and rose.


Overlooking Manguinhos beach with a satellite restaurant in downtown Buzios patrons will have the option of simply enjoying the lounge or dining in this delectable Italian restaurant. This family friendly restaurant offers antipastos, pastas and several other Mediterranean dishes centered on the local seafood. Chef Joan Gallo worked hard to create a menu combing the local cuisine with the Italian style.

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