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Sea Food Restaurants By the Beach in Buzios

When spending the day at the beach recharge your energy with some fresh seafood !

Maybe it is the salt air, or the vast expanse of sand and water but seafood always seems to taste better at the beach. Buzios has over 20 beaches and many feature their own seafood restaurant. The fish is usually caught that morning by local fishermen so it is very fresh and delicious.

Eat Beachside

Buzios sea food by the beachSome of the main beaches that have top rated seafood restaurants are Manguinhos beach where Bar dos Pescadores is located. Ferradura Beach is home to the very delicious Samucas Bar. Geriba beach has the favorite Fishbone Café and Tartaruga beach has another Buzios favorite, the Tartaruga bar.

What to Eat

There are really no bad sea food meals in Buzios but the village does have some specialties. The shrimp is a local favorite as are the anchovies and squid. Snapper is a very popular dish in many of the seafood restaurants as is the spiny lobster and fresh oysters. Fish stew is a local favorite as a pot is usually set to warming daily on restaurants stoves throughout the peninsula.

Whether you eat seafood at the beach or seafood in town it is sure to be fresh and delicious year round. Buzios is proud of its fishing heritage and strives to maintain this tradition.

Bar do Samuca

This bar, sits on Ferradura beach and is home to the famous shrimp pastries. These crunchy confections keep the locals and visitors returning to dine. Another unusual favorite is the shrimp with cream cheese. Shark is often offered here as is whiting with coconut juice. The bar offers many fruit juices as well as cold beer.

Tartuga Bar

With thatched umbrella tables sitting on an expansive deck, this lovely bar and restaurant is the ideal location to watch a beautiful sunset. Live music is featured every night and the seafood is unparalleled. Try the Squid Dore or grilled bluefish. Cold beer and cold coconut water are also available.

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