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Sea Food Restaurants for the Evening in Buzios

It's only expected that the coastal town of Buzios serves up great seafood dishes that are available in abundance just off the shore

Because Buzios is a sea faring village, the fish and shellfish are always fresh and quite delicious. To truly appreciate the subtle flavors of the daily catch in Buzios it is very important to eat slowly and savor every bite. Dinner is a meal most of us can enjoy without time constraints so we can appreciate the taste of every morsel.

Buzios fresh sea food Brazil

Sea Food

In Buzios, the fish you eat that night was probably caught that morning. Fishermen go out every day to catch seafood for the many restaurants around Buzios. Some of the fish that might be brought in by the fishermen include swordfish, tuna, snapper and sea bream. Shellfish from Buzios include shrimp, oysters, and spiny lobsters.

Sea Food Dining

There are more sea food restaurants in Buzios than any other variety with good reason. Because of the exceptional quality of the seafood, savoring an evening meal of fresh fish and fresh shellfish will really give the visitor an idea of the sea faring heritage of the city. Great seafood restaurants can be found all over Buzios from downtown to beachside.


Very romantic and with a lovely view of the harbor, this restaurant has some of the most amazing seafood in Buzios. The salt baked cod is a definite favorite and the flame-grilled oysters are fresh and tasty. This is a high-end establishment and the prices are a bit expensive but worth every mouthful.


This romantic venue looks out over the harbor where the fishing boats moor for the evening. The dishes are mostly eclectic French and very flavorful. The chopped seafood under a shrimp foam is a restaurant favorite as is the shrimp with lettuce, carrots broccoli and noodles made of rice with a citrus gravy. Chef Sonia prepares each dish with cutting edge knowledge of the latest methods and tastes.

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