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Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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All About Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just 169 km northeast of Rio de Janeiro lies the beach resort town of Buzios. Home to only 25,000 year round residents this quaint little fishing village quadruples in population during the summer and holidays. Visitors from around the globe flock here to enjoy the sun, ocean and over 21 beaches that surround this peninsula. Driving to Buzios from Rio de Janeiro takes about 2 hours. Coming from the north it is best to take BR-101.



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Pousada Vila D’Este

Vila D'esteVila d’este is a charming and traditional petit hotel, nestled in a small green hill overlooking Buzios´ emerald sea and main bay, offering outstanding views and romantic sunsets. It is conveniently located on Humaitá ...MORE INFO

Getting to Buzios

Driving to Buzios from Rio de Janeiro takes about 2 hours. Coming from the north it is best to take BR-101. Buses leave regularly from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Taxi cabs will take passengers from Cabo Frio to Buzios for around R$ 30.00. Regular flights from Rio de Janeiro fly into the Buzios airport on Friday and Sunday. It is also possible to get to Buzios by boat although there is no public boat service. Cruise ships are now making Buzios a regular port of call.

Getting to Buzios


Not only are there plenty of sights to see, but there are also many activities to enjoy. As Buzios is a beach resort, water sports are plentiful. Surfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and kite sailing are all quite popular. Fishing, sailing and boogie boarding as also available at many of the beaches. For visitors who prefer to stay on land there is an 18 hole golf course, horse back riding, hiking and mountain biking. There is plenty to do for everyone.

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The weather is Buzios is generally temperate year round. On average, Buzios gets 254 days of sun yearly. What little rain falls is generally sporadic. However, extreme winds can blow in with the rain and it is not unusual to see wind speeds up to 50 km/h. Average highs in the winter can reach 24C and in the summers average high temperatures are around 26C. Low temperatures rarely drop below 14C during the winter and 18C in the summer. Humidity is relatively low.  The busiest times of year are Christmas, New Years and June and July as well as November through March. April and May are probably the best months to visit Buzios as there are fewer visitors and prices are cheaper.

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