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Ecotourism in Buzios

If you're a nature lover then come to Buzios to experience great Eco Tours. 

The mountains and rainforest surround the Buzios and her beaches. Some of the best eco-tours can be found in these lush mountains.

Ecotourism : Turtle in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Taua Ecocultural Complex

This privately owned nature reserve encompasses 100,000 square meters. For the past 10 years, naturalists have been working to reforest this area. There are several different hiking trails to enjoy that wind their way past lush flora including over 1,300 species of bromeliads. Along the way the hiker is likely to see armadillos, capuchin monkeys, native raccoons and agoutis. Reservations to visit this reserve must be made in advance.

Other Eco Tours

Buzios offers several different types of eco tours. Mountain biking is a popular form or eco-tourism offered in Buzios. You can rent these bikes at several places in Buzios along with maps of the trails throughout the mountains. Guides are also available for hire.

Hiking is another popular eco-tour through the surrounding rainforests. If you are not familiar with the area stick to well marked trails or plan on hiring a guide to show you around. Hiking trips can last a few hours or a few days. An especially enjoyable hike is through the mountains of Sana to view the beautiful waterfalls.

With the beautiful mountains surrounding Buzios it is no wonder that eco-tourism is very popular here. From guided bike rides to multi-day hikes there is a tour designed for every athletic level so anyone can get out and enjoy the natural surroundings of Buzios.