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Buzios For Kids

There's so much for kids to do they won't want to leave Buzios.

While Buzios has plenty of attractions for adults, children will find it hard to be bored here too. There are plenty of fun activities for the kids as well as the young at heart.

Kids activities in Buzios Rio de Janeiro


There are several beaches that cater to families. These beaches are very easy to get to and are usually within walking distance to the hotel or can be reached by a quick schooner ride. The waters are calm and clear and there are often shallows for the very young to swim in. There is a special favorite offered at some of these beaches and that is Banana boating. As it sounds, an inflatable pontoon, built to look just like a banana is towed at varying speed behind a high powered boat. Children love the wind whipping through their hair and the sea spray drenching them with salt water. There are even very slow rides for toddlers under three.

Other Activities for the Kids

There is a skating park at the Estrada do Canto in Geriba. Here kids can go skating or rollerblading on specially made paths, ramps, and tubes. There is also an area for extreme biking. Buzios also has horseback riding stables where children can take part in classes that teach the handling and care of horses. Or they can set off on a leisurely ride over trails and on beaches. There are also several swimming classes available for all ages from infants to adults as will as get fit Hydro gymnastics near Manguinhos beach.
Children can be kept busy at any time of day. Whether spending the day at the beach or riding horses along the forest trails kids are sure to have plenty to do. Many of the local hotels also have specific programs geared towards children.