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Like a Native of Buzios

Get into the real Buzios experience and leave your tourist ways behind.

Many travelers find that immersing themselves in the local culture is the way to travel. These visitors avoid the touristy areas and try and follow the practices of the locals. In Buzios the visitor can also live like a local.

Buzios - sports activities: playing with the locals

Living the Native Life

Not only do you want to live in a private home during you stay in Buzios but you also want s. The best way to avoid touristy areas  is to find a local guide who is willing to show you all the places and the activities the locals prefer. Or get on one of the many internet Buzios blogs. You can find many locals there willing to share information about their favorite beaches, restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

They will also tell you where not to go and what if any problems you need to look out for.Traveling to Buzios and living like a local means immersing yourself in the culture of the town. It is best to find someone who has lived in Buzios for quite some time and request their assistance in showing you how a native lives.