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Main Attractions in Buzios

Whether your interests in a holiday vary from agitation to relaxation or from cultural experiences to shopping sprees, you will find a place for everything in Buzios.

Buzios is a seaside village that is bursting with life and energy. From the many beaches, to the shops, restaurants and other attractions, there is much to keep the visitor busy throughout the entire vacation.


Of course the primary attraction in this coastal community is the beaches. With over 20 to choose from there are beaches for all your needs. Buzios has beaches that are calm and shallow for families with young children. There are also secluded beaches where lovers can stroll. Surfing enthusiasts have beaches with crashing waves and snorkelers can find beaches teaming with aquatic life. Some beaches have serene turquoise blue warm waters while others have a choppy cool emerald surf. There are beaches that are a few steps from the hotel, others that require a hike through the forest and still others that are so secluded only a boat can reach them.

Buzios beaches attractions

Rua das Pedras

Whether it is during the day or well into the evening, this street seems to be the hub of activity in Buzios.
Daytime is for shopping. There are high fashion couture women and men’s boutiques and more affordable casual beach wear shops. Furniture that would fit perfectly in a penthouse or rustic cabin can also be found along the Rua das Pedras. Local artists have galleries all along the street and there are shops that sell hand made crafts from around the world. At night the Rua das Pedras lights up with local restaurants, bars and dance clubs. There are establishments where you can sit, face the ocean, have a drink and just watch the world go by. Or you can chose to put on your dancing shoes and Samba all night long. The Rua das Pedras is open practically round the clock and you can always find a good time.

Trolley Tours

One of the best ways to see Buzios is by taking a trolley tour. This tour starts at the Praia da Armaçao and continues through the city past the statue of Brigitte Bardot over to Praça dos Ossos. Next stop is uphill to Ponta do Criminoso. There is a lovely view of the beaches and across the sea White Island as the trolley travels further and further up hill. As the trolley continues past beaches, coves and lush forest the guide provides a narration of the history and geology of the area.

Local Churches

The Saint Anne Roman Catholic Chapel was built in 1740 using whale oil plaster and local rocks. Inside the chapel are ancient images of Saint Anne. The Chapel celebrates the feast of Saint Anne every July 26 with fireworks and a mass. Mary Undoer of Knots Roman Catholic Chapel was built in 2001 and blessed by Pope John Paul II. It is fondly referred to as the “The Small Great Work of Art” because nine local artists worked with volunteers to build the church.

>Orla Bardot

This beachfront walkway was erected in 1999. It is surrounded by lush native vegetation. There are several benches and wooden decks where strollers can stop, relax and enjoy the cool salt breezes coming off the ocean. Along the way there are several colonial style buildings to admire as well as small shops and restaurants. A statue of Brigitte Bardot is set along the rout. Bardot found Buzios to be a wonderful vacation spot. This publicity made Buzios an international getaway for the jet set during the 1960s. There is also a Fishermen sculpture in memory of the many who dedicated themselves to this profession.
Buzios is a town of infinite delights. Beaches, shops and local attractions keep the traveler occupied by day and dance clubs, bars and restaurants fill a visitor’s nights. There is always something to do here in Buzios.