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Surfing in Armacao dos Buzios

For surf frenetics the beaches in Buzios are what you're looking for. You can rent your equipments, have lessons or even enter a competition.

Surfing in Buzios is likened to surfing in Hawaii or Australia. Professional surfers from around the globe flock to Buzios when it is too cold to surf in their native homes.

Surfing, day water sports in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Surfers can enjoy 20 beaches in Buzios but there are only 4 that are considered to have perfect conditions and extremely challenging. Tucuns beach has 3 km of surfing space with waves up to 2 meters high. Five minutes away is Geriba beach with identical conditions to Tucuns. Pero beach is famous for its large tubes and towering waves and is a great spot to practice surfing technique. 


If you come to Buzios without any surfing gear there is no need to worry. Tucuns beach has a surfing camp nearby that offers lessons in surfing and kite surfing and has equipment and car and beach buggy rentals to travel to the other surfing beaches. Throughout Buzios there are plenty of shops that will rent visitors surfboards and other surfing equipment. Many of the beaches also offer professional instruction in surfing and kite surfing.
Buzios has plenty of local and international surfing competition and attracts the best in the sport. This does not mean a beginner cannot try his hand at surfing or kite surfing. There are instructors on many of the beaches and shops to rent the proper equipment.