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Praia Brava Beach, Brazil

If Surfing is your passion, Praia Brava is your beach.

Praia Brava means “Angry Beach” and this name is quite appropriate. This beach has some of the most amazing surf on the whole peninsula. As a matter of fact, the surf can be so high at times it can swallow the entire beach.

The Beach

Buzios Praia Brava Rio de Janeiro BrazilBecause it is located along the Atlantic side of the peninsula the water is cooler and surf is higher. However, like all the other beaches in Buzios the sand is quite soft and very warm. There are very few people in this part of the peninsula and because it is not as populated there are very few tourists on the beach.

On a hot day the cooler water is very welcome. Swimming is possible as long as the surf is not too high. There are several rocky outlets along the beach so be careful as they can be slippery. Water shoes are recommended for climbing over these rough spots.


This is a popular beach to enjoy some surfing. The younger surfers usually enjoy coming here to surf and the beach can get quite crowded when the surf is up. Needless to say this is a popular surfing area for the locals.

The rising cliffs that jut up from the beach offer excellent platforms for fishermen to cast their lines. Do not be surprised to see several of them out and about especially early in the morning.


There are a few housing developments near by and some very nice pousadas. Otherwise there are very few amenities. If you travel to the beach by car there is no parking lot. Drivers must park on the side of the road. There are no amenities on the beach itself so be sure to bring everything you need with you.

Because this beach is part of a large conservation plan there will not be much additional development in this area. Praia Brava is a surfer’s paradise. Popular with the locals it can be quite crowded when the surf is up or during a holiday.