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Praia da Azeda Beach, Brazil

Although this beach is hard to reach, once you get there Praia da Azeda makes it all worth it.

Praia da Azeda is one of the many beaches located on the peninsula of Buzios. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, it is nevertheless, one of the most difficult beaches to reach. However the trek is well worth it.

Praia da Azeda Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Getting to Praia da Azeda

The journey to Praia da Azeda begins at Praia dos Ossos where the visitor can park the rental car. On the right side of the beach is a small sign that reads “Praia da Azeda” with an arrow pointing to the right. The hike begins on the road that runs in front of Praia dos Ossos. After walking up a small hill, there is a fork in the road where you must bear right along the shoreline. There are some stone steps that lead down to Praia da Azeda. It is a bit of a walk so make sure to pack lightly.

The Beach

The first thing you notice when you arrive is the beauty of the clear blue water. When you step onto the soft white sand, your eye is immediately drawn to the rocky crags on either side of the beach. An old abandon building sits on the beach and was probably used by a port official 100 years ago. The surf is fairly calm and the water is very clear.

Beach Activities

Because the water is so calm this is a perfect beach for families as long as parents to not mind the topless sunbathers. Small children can enjoy the warm water without getting overwhelmed by waves crashing and knocking them down. This is also a great beach for people who are not strong swimmer thanks to the calmer waters and almost non-existent waves. Snorkeling is also very popular at this beach because of the clarity of the water. There is no coral reef so snorkelers need to focus their efforts along the rocky borders.

Praia da Azeda is known as one of the most pristine and picturesque beaches in Buzios. If you do not mind hiking back to the parking lot in the dark then stay for sunset as it is quite spectacular.