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Praia da Azedinha Beach, Brazil

The scenery is set for romantic getaways and relaxation as the warm clear waters bathe visitors at Azedinha Beach.

A ½ mile jaunt off a cobblestone street and down a set of rock steps to a rock trail takes you to Praia da Azeda. Continue further along a rock path and you reach Praia da Azedinha. It is considered one of the most romantic beaches in Buzios.

Praia da Azedinha Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

The beach itself is quite small but seems to be perfect anyway. The water is very clear and the sandy bottom does not alter or drop until you have gone about 10 feet out in the water. There are no umbrellas to block the view either. Rock crags and cliffs on either side of the beach give the visitor a feeling of seclusion and security. There are even some rock outcroppings that shield the visitor from view. Feel free to change your clothes right there. The water is warm but not uncomfortably hot. There are a few waves but nothing intimidating. There is pool of water separated from the rest of the beach by a circular rock formation. Because of the shallow water with the rocky bottom the temperature is almost 10 degrees higher than it is in the ocean.

Who Comes to Praia da Azedinha?

Honeymooners and lovers find this beach particularly appealing due to its natural beauty and the warm rocky pool that feels like a hot tub. It is also quite popular with families who have small children. The sand is soft and gradually slopes off with no sudden drops. There are no sea anemones around that can sting little feet. And, because it takes some effort to reach the beach, there are fewer people.

Activities at Praia da Azedinha

Of course relaxing on the sand and soaking up the sun is one of the major activities on this beach. However, it also has some amazing sea life to enjoy. Scuba diving and snorkeling are both popular at this beach as there are some coral reefs surrounding the beach. However you must bring your gear with you, as there are no rental kiosks. If you plan on diving take one of the schooners or water taxis to get to this beach.

There are no facilities at this beach so plan on bringing some snacks and plenty of water along with you. Remember the trip is arduous so travel as lightly as possible.