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Praia da Ferradurinha Beach, Brazil

A favorite among families and celebrities is the charming Ferradurinha beach. 

Sister to the much larger Praia da Ferradura beach, Praia da Ferradurinha is quite a lovely place to visit. A narrow trail leads right on to the beach and the views are breathtaking. Rumor has it that this is the favored beach of the local celebrities. It can be accessed from Geriba Beach using a walking trail.

Turquoise beach in Ferradurinha Beach, Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

The turquoise waters are framed by multicolored rocks that jut out into the ocean. The water is some of the clearest around. There is always a gentle sea breeze that rocks the tropical vegetation. The rock cliffs on either side of this beach have created a swimming pool with calm warm waters. The beach does however, drop off quickly and the water is much cooler out towards the ends of the rocks. Because of the gentle waters families enjoy visiting this beach.


At the bottom of the trail is a small kiosk to purchase drinks and snack. Their menu consists of grilled cheese on a stick, seafood, coconuts and all types of drinks. There are some umbrellas for public use close to the snack shop. Other than this, there are no other amenities. Beach goers will have to travel back up the footpath and past all the mansions to find restaurants, bars, shops and cafes.


Likes its counterpart, Praia da Ferradurinha is popular with snorkelers. The rock outcroppings have some very beautiful marine life on display including starfish and anemones. The cool breezes also allow for sailing along the beach coastline.

Kayaking is another popular pastime but there are no local vendors to rent kayaks or sailboats. You have to bring your own.Praia da Ferradurinha is a small horseshoe shaped beach popular with the local celebrities. The waters are calm and clear and easy for children to enjoy. Thus, this beach is very popular with families.