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Praia da Foca Beach, Brazil

The lovely picturesque Foca beach is worth a visit, although hard to reach it's a great beach for snorkeling.

Praia da Foca, or Seal Beach was so named because legend states some seals got lost and ended up on this little stretch of paradise. Small but lovely, this beach is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon soaking up the sun.

Praia da Foca Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

What little beach there is has warm white sand for sunbathing. The surf is rhythmical and sings its lullaby to sunbathers casting them into a deep sleep. The water is crystal clear and a deep turquoise blue even though this beach faces south. The rocks surrounding the beach help break up the waves and end up forming a small pool. There is no shade on the island, nor are there any amenities. The only way to get to this beach is by water taxi or schooner.


Although the beach is small it is very popular with snorkelers. The areas around the rocks are filled with dazzling seal life such as starfish and anemones. Scuba diving is also popular in this area and charter diving boats will anchor off shore so their clients can dive in these waters. The rocky platforms that jut out into the ocean are perfect for fishermen to cast their rods.


This beach is set between Praia do Forno and Praia da Ferradura. Very difficult to reach and too tiny to fit more than 10 people, this beach is still quite popular because it is so hard to reach. This means it is rarely occupied and is the perfect place for couples who want to be alone.

Remember there are no amenities on this beach so you must bring everything you will need.If you really want to have this beach all to yourself plan on getting there as early in the morning as possible. Divers and snorkelers usually show up in the afternoon.