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Praia de Geriba Beach, Brazil

Widest beach in Buzios and known to have the best surf. Geriba beach is where all the action takes place ! 

As you enter the Buzios peninsula, Praia de Geriba is immediately on the right. It is quite long and almost meets up with Tucuns beach. It has an amazing expanse of sandy shoreline and is considered the widest beach in Buzios. This beach is also the party beach. Local celebrities like to hang out here and many have vacation homes on this beach.

Geriba beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

The eastern portion of Praia de Geriba is very quiet and calm will gentle waves and soft sands. This is a popular area for families. On the west side of the beach the waves are tall and turbulent. The central portion of the beach also has very strong waves but they are not as bad as the west side. Lifeguards are posted on the west side and central portion of the beach. The sand is groomed daily. Umbrellas are available for use along the center of the beach. There are also some shady palms that front the Praia de Geriba.


The central portion of the Praia de Geriba is where all of the amenities are. At night there is a bar and disco so visitors can drink and dance in the evening. Thursday nights there is a pig roast and on Sunday nights there is an incredible pizza buffet. There are also several homes, pousadas and apartments available for rent. Some of these rentals actually sit on the beach. However, these lodgings can be very expensive.


Because of the strong winds and high waves at the west and central portion of Praia de Geriba, long and shortboard surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing are very popular. In addition because the ocean floor at this beach is sandy and soft, boogie boarding is also very popular.

As the beach is so wide, volleyball, soccer and foot volley are also played regularly. The cliffs around the beach are perfect for fishing.This is the beach where everyone goes to be seen. It is especially popular with the younger upwardly mobile class. There are plenty of activities to enjoy and plenty of space to spread out.