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Praia de Joćo Fernandes Beach, Brazil

Crystal clear and calm waters, Praia de Joao Fernandes is ideal for family fun and diving lovers.

This beach sits besides the smaller Praia de João Fernandinho and is very popular with visitors to Buzios. Although it is at the end of the peninsula there are still plenty of modern amenities around. It was the beauty and serenity of the beach that caused many of the businesses here to set up shop.

Praia de Joao Fernandes Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

The beach itself has the calmest waters with virtually no wave action. In addition the surrounding hills and green forest make this one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. The water is crystal clear and a vivid turquoise blue. The sun shines on the coarse tan sand from early in the morning until late in afternoon. There are plenty of umbrellas set out for visitors.


The calm warm waters make this a favorite place for swimming. Young children find the surf very easy to navigate as it is negligible. Boogie boarding is very popular because the quiet water makes it easy to skim over the surface and the soft sand acts as a cushion during a fall. The undersea life makes snorkeling quite popular. There are rocky crags and cliffs surrounding the beach and these areas are popular for fishing.


This beach is quite easy to get to off the main road and has a large parking lot. There are plenty of kiosks on the beach serving delicious seafood. Visitors can also rent beach umbrellas and gear for snorkeling. Just off the beach are shopping areas, restaurants, bars and internet cafes. Many tourists spend their whole vacation is this area as it has everything.

This beach and its brother Praia de João Fernandinho can get very crowded during holidays and the high season. This is not a beach where you can expect to find locals. Nevertheless it is quite enjoyable and a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon.