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Praia de Manguinhos Beach, Brazil

Not as popular with the big crowd, Manguinhos beach is a favorite fro wind sports.

Manguinhos gets its name from the mango tree. Shaped like an umbrella handle it sits between Praia Rasa and Tartaruga Beach

Praia de Manguinhos Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

Manguinhos is approximately 8 km long and is the second longest beach in Buzios. There are lots of shells to gather as you walk along. Facing north, the beach looks out over Feia and Rasa Islands. The lack of waves and strong winds makes this a favorite spot for kite surfing and wind surfing. This beach also has tall palm trees that provide shade for visitors. The water is very dark and while there are not many swimmers, the beach is gaining in popularity and becoming more crowded each year.


Manguinhos beach is surrounded by a fairly commercial area. Private homes are situated along the beach. There are also several shops selling souvenirs and various pieces of clothing. Surfing and dive schools are also located in the area and will rent equipment for those who wish to participate in these sports. There are also small hotels and several restaurants. Water taxis are also available for hire on Manguinhos beach to take visitors to other beaches in the area or across the water to Rasa Island.


At one end of the beach is a small fishing colony. Restaurant chefs and local residents will venture out quite early in the morning to this area. There is an open fish market where the local fishermen deliver their catches of day. The fish from this market are very fresh and quite delicious. If you want to try and get some fish to cook on your own be sure to get here very early in the morning, as you will have competition to get the best fish.

Manguinhos beach, while one of the most expansive beaches is one of the least crowded due to its strong winds and dark waters. However, if you visit in the morning before the tradewinds kick in, this beach can be very enjoyable especially for families, as the waters are quite calm.